Electrotechnical Consultancy

Lightning Protection Systems – Testing

Our experienced engineers are able to offer expert services in the inspection and testing of an Lighting Protection System (LPS) on all types of buildings.

We inspect the LPS against a detailed checklist followed by appropriate tests to prove conformity with BS EN 62305.

BS EN 62305-3 sets out all the requirements needed to protect buildings and structures against physical damage by implementing a LPS.

BS EN 62305-4 sets out clear guidelines to protect electrical and electronic systems within structures or buildings against lightning.

Our services not only include the inspection of the external LPS but the internal protection  mechanisms such as surge protection, earthing and bonding where they have been installed.

Using specialist equipment we are able to conduct accurate and detailed testing.

Following our inspections we provide detailed documented reports and results along with any recommendations for improvements where required.

To discuss your requirements with one of our engineers and find out more about our LPS Inspection and Testing services please contact us.