Electrotechnical Consultancy

Power Quality Surveys

Our experienced consultants are able to offer a comprehensive service in power quality surveys. We have access to an extensive range of high quality instruments to be able to monitor and record all power quality parameters on HV or LV supplies entering an installation or at various points within an installation to establish the quality of the supplies.

We regularly provide this service to companies throughout the UK our clients range from large multinationals to electrical contractors. Our survey experience includes power stations, hospitals, schools, offices, data centres and factories. We also have experience of working with renewable technologies.

The services we are able to offer:

Energy Surveys Recording of all power variables for energy consumption analysis, transfer or expansion of power systems, etc.

Troubleshooting Power Problems Typically a one-week or longer survey, depending on frequency of fault being investigated. E.g. Voltage sags, swells, transients, flicker, current transients or harmonics etc.

Multiple recorder on-site Investigations Investigation of problems requiring several recordings at one or different locations, e.g. investigating trips on motor starts, standby generator/UPS performance tests , multiple distribution boards etc.

Harmonic and Power Quality Surveys Surveys to demonstrate compliance to energy networks standards, G5/4, BS EN 50160 and G59. Often carried out as pre and post installation of non-linear or high power systems.

Remote Monitoring Systems Dedicated systems capable of capturing, recording and communicating an installation’s electrical supply data to remote computers or mobile devices for analysis and reporting. We offer systems design, installation, data recording and analysis services tailored to your specific requirements.

Power Quality Training visit our training page for details

Power Quality Instrument sales and hire As an authorised Fluke distributor we sell the latest power quality instruments and through our extensive experience of power quality surveys are able to offer expert advise on the best instruments to suit your particular requirements. We are able to offer a hire service for a range power quality recorders and analysers.

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