Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Delegate suitability

1. Delegates/Clients are responsible for checking that delegate background/experience is suitable for the training course being booked.

2. Trans-Euro Engineering Services Ltd (“Trans-Euro”) reserves the right to refuse any delegate at its sole discretion.

Confirmation of bookings

3. Bookings will be confirmed by Trans-Euro after receipt of details of delegates, including date of birth and full names, and the course deposit (or full payment) shown in the current booking form, or a Formal Purchase Order.

4. Places are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. Unconfirmed reservations may be released without referral to the person making the provisional booking.


5. Full payment is required before the course starts. Training certificates will only be issued after full payment has been received by Trans-Euro.

Cancellation by the delegate/client

6. All course bookings except C&G 2391, 2394 and 2395
a. Cancellation 2 weeks or less prior to the first day of the course: the full fee is charged.

7. C&G 2391, 2394 and 2395 course bookings.

Due to the long notice period required for registering delegates, the following cancellation conditions apply:
a. Cancellation between 8 and 2 weeks prior to the first day of the course: the deposit of £150 + VAT is charged.
b. Cancellation 2 weeks or less prior to the first day of the course: the full fee is charged.

8. Trans-Euro will endeavour to fit delegates onto subsequent courses free of charge if space permits. This will be confirmed 2 weeks before the rearranged course date. There may be a repeat registration/admin charge if delegates have to be re-scheduled for a national exam.

Cancellation or re-scheduling by Trans-Euro Engineering Services Ltd

9. Trans-Euro reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule a course, or to change the Instructor or the venue. In these situations, as much notice as possible will be given, and every effort will be made to arrange for delegates to attend an alternative course. If this is not acceptable to the delegate/client, payment will be refunded in full but Trans-Euro disclaims any further liability.

Block Bookings

10. Trans-Euro reserves the right to put additional delegates on a course held at Trans-Euro that has been block-booked by a client, without reference or discount to the client making the block booking. Block bookings can only be made for employees of the same company.

Responsibility for proving eligibility for C&G 2382-20 one-day update course

11. Delegates are responsible for proving that they are eligible for the 2382-20 course. Their original certificate (2381 from June 01; 2330-07; 2330-08; 2360 Part 2 or 2351 from January 04) must be shown to the Trans-Euro tutor for authentication prior to starting the course. Trans-Euro will not accept responsibility for delegates who have booked themselves on the wrong course or who cannot provide an original certificate proving their eligibility for 2382-20.

Intellectual Property Rights

12. All intellectual property rights, including copyright, remain the sole property of Trans-Euro and any recordings or copies made of course materials will be an infringement of copyright unless agreed in advance and in writing by Trans-Euro.


13. Attendance by a delegate on a Trans-Euro course, even with a formal qualification certificate on completion, does not provide any guarantee of workmanship, performance, quality or status of the delegate during future endeavours such as plying his/her trade, applying for membership/enrolment of trade bodies/institutions, or for job seeking etc.

14. All information provided by Trans-Euro is given in best faith and Trans-Euro will not be held responsible for actions taken by the delegate/client, any other individual or organisation as a result of the information provided during the training course.

Late arrival

15. If delegates arrive late for a course, or are absent from any part, Trans-Euro reserves the right to refuse to accept those delegates for further training, if it is considered that they will gain insufficient knowledge or skills within the course time remaining. In all such cases, the full course fee remains payable.

Identification of delegates

16. Delegates will be asked to provide proof of identification before starting the course by showing a photo ID, preferably driving licence or passport.

Delegate behaviour

17. If a delegate’s demeanour, attitude or behaviour adversely affects the harmony of the learning environment, or disturbs the enjoyment of the course for other delegates, then that delegate will be asked to leave the course immediately, without any financial liability to Trans-Euro.

Delegate private study

18. Delegates will be asked to undertake private study in the evenings. It is also strongly recommended that delegates undertake some pre-course revision to make best use of the contact time with the lecturer during the course itself, and to maximise their performance in any exams.

Delegate safety

19. Delegates must follow the safety and operational instructions given by the Instructor at all times – these instructions are given for everyone’s safety. Delegates refusing to carry out the instructions may result in their immediate removal from the course, without any financial liability to Trans-Euro.

Delegate equipment and belongings

20. Trans-Euro does not accept any liability for equipment, belongings or other personal effects brought by delegates to training courses. This includes test equipment brought by the delegate, and possible failure of, or damage to, the test equipment or injury to the delegate during its use.

Data Protection

21. Trans-Euro is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998. No sensitive personal data concerning delegates is retained by Trans-Euro.

Complaints and Appeals

22. Any complaint should be made in the first instance direct to the Trans-Euro employee involved. It should be escalated to the assessor or internal verifier/quality assurance coordinator if satisfaction is not obtained. External bodies such as City & Guilds and NICEIC will not accept complaints made directly to them unless this process has been exhausted. The full company Appeals Policy is available on request from the Centre Secretary.

Equal Opportunities

23. Trans-Euro is committed to giving delegates an equal opportunity of gaining an award irrespective of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, physical abilities, learning capabilities, eyesight, hearing etc in line with UK and EU legislation. Delegates with impairment(s) should make their requirements known in advance of booking courses in order to provide time for specialised staff external to the Centre to be made available to assist and for additional exam time to be sought where appropriate, eg for dyslexic delegates or for those with hearing difficulties. The full Equal Opportunities Policy is available on request from the Course Secretary.

Acceptance of these Terms & Conditions

A confirmed booking constitutes acceptance of the above Terms and Conditions by the delegate/Client.